Tuesday, May 25, 2010

4JIB order short update

Hello people.
Long time I didn't update here lolol. Aten will post all the albums tomorrow via PosLaju. :)
She also has opened a 2nd batch order, you can contact her via her Facebook(more faster) or email her.

That's all,take care. 4JIB DAEBAK!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

4JIB Order Payment Method [update:May 11th 2010]


You can start sending in your payment from today until Tuesday(12th May).
The final price is RM60.00 . The albums will be sent through PosLaju.

After you banked in the money, please email your name,contact number,address,how many copy you want and the most important thing proof of payment (bank slip,etc) to nickfatyn88@gmail.com .

Bank details;
Nik Mohd Fazrul Md Yaacop (Aten brother's bank account)

ONLY if the above account is full,means can't bank-in,please use Aten mom's account below.

Rohani Bt Tg Abd Jalal

If you have any questions you can ask Aten directly via her email or Facebook account.
Thank you!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Super Junior BONAMANA M/V Teaser

Just wanna share with you guys here. :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

4Jib order + important notice


The order for 4jib from Aten has been closed. She is now calculating the amount of orders received. After the K-ELF tells her the whole shipping cost and calculate everything, I will post the final price + payment method here. Please note that Aten or me doesn't gain any profit from the 4jib orders.

The final price for 4jib will be calculated this way:
4JIB price + shipping fees from Korea to Malaysia + shipping fees to your house + cost of wrapping/packaging + tax or any other fees that might be charge by the custom = 4JIB final price

Important notice
★ If you have been reposting our entries about 4jib order in your blog/forum/Facebook page and others, please post this entry too, yea? Or just redirect them to this blog. This is important so everything can be arranged tidily, and no misunderstanding will occur.

★ Please do not post link promoting your blog or what you're selling in the shoutbox. ^^;; The shoutbox is mainly for asking questions so I hope you guys will understand. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4jib order details


The dateline for 4jib order is on Thursday (6th May 2010) before 12AM Malaysia time. The price will be announced later because the amout of people buying will affect the shipping cost. (Korea to Aten's House, Aten's house to your house.) After summing the shipping cost + album cost, we'll announce the price.

If you want to place your order, you can contact Aten through her Facebook or email her at nickfatyn88@gmail.com

Please include these too;
Contact no:
How many copies do you want:

Thank you!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Super Junior comeback date REVEALED! :D & sad news T-T

Super Junior will comeback with their 4th album.

Super Junior will be releasing their 4th full length album coming 13th May. For this album, there will also be 10 members involved as member KangIn is going to enlist in the army while KiBum is doing his actor activities.
Known to have been working on doing their individual activities and promoting in Asia all this while, Super Junior will be back with a new and powerful music and performances.

Super Junior said, “Even though we felt a little pressure from receiving so much love from our 3rd album ‘Sorry Sorry’, as the date of reveal for our new album draws near, we grow more confident. We hope everyone will look forward to a more upgraded music and performances by Super Junior .”
The member also added, “Member KangIn who is the member to enter the army the earliest, we hope that he will do well in the army. We also believe that KiBum will show better features through his actor activities. As for HanKyung, he is currently not in contact with the members and we felt sad about it. We hope that he will return and we can be together soon.”

Credit: Sookyeong.wordpress.com

Super Junior member KangIn will enter the army.

Caught in assault and DUI controversies just last year, it is known that KangIn will not take part in Super Junior’s upcoming 4th album. After the assault and DUI cases last October, KangIn has been exercising self-discipline, and now it is said that there are plans for him to enter the army and he will be excluded for the upcoming 4th album activities.

A SM Ent rep voiced, “KangIn told the company that he wants to enter the army, and the company respects and supports. With that, he will not take part in Super Junior 4th album activities. He will enter as active service level 2. The period of his enlistment has not been confirmed yet but we will reveal it once it is confirmed.”

Credit: Sookyeong.wordpress.com

- - -
I don't know what to say.. let's wish Kangin for the best! Same with Kibum and Hangeng.
And 13th May is the comeback date! :D So you guys still have time to stick/paste/spread this project to everyone. :D

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Photos submission


Here are some pictures of the already sticked/pasted posters.
Pictures are listed by date of picture submission. :)
You can send your own pictures to phia_009@yahoo.com
Please zip it first if there's a lot of it. Thank you! :D

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ordering 4jib from Korean ELF - Ask questions here

Hello guys.

One of MYELFFOR4JIB project participant, Teuk Tin(or Aten Teukie), said that she know a Korean ELF that is willing to help us(Malaysian ELF) buy 4Jib from Korean CD shop like Hottracks,etc. As you all may know if we buy from Hottracks and domestic Korean CD shop, the CD sales will be recorded in Hanteo.

Hanteo ranks will decide whether Super Junior own the best-selling album for this year or not. Same with 3Jib last year, because some ELF didn't know that Hanteo only count Version A, Super Junior did not make it to the #1 best-selling album for 2009. This of course made us all upset. So for this year, 2010, our target is to make our boys ranked #1 in CD sales for 2010.

By the way,you can contact Teuk Tin(FB name changed to Aten Teukie) through her Facebook account. If you doesn't have a Facebook account, you can email her (nickfatyn88@gmail.com) or comment below to ask questions. However the 4Jib price have not announced yet. Once the Korean ELF tell Teuk Tin the price, I will update this blog. Thank you! :)

p/s: This is only open for Malaysian.