Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sapphire Blue version + posters download

Hello. Some ELF suggested that we made a Sapphire Blue version of the poster,so I made one.
If you have more money to invest on the printing, you can use the colored version. :)

Also, since Blogger tend to resize the size of the image I uploaded here (even after you click the thumbnail), so I upload the poster at Imageshack in full size. You can download it by clicking the link below. We don't want a pixelated/blurry posters right? :D

2480x3508 pixels
Black & White: link
S. Blue & White: link

That's all.. THANKS! :)

What?! + Listing


This is a last-minute project and done individually without any fanclub support + fund, so I hope everyone would support this mini project Malaysian ELF made for Super Junior 4th album. :D

So this is what we gonna do.

1. Stick up posters (self-printed A4 paper,etc) in public places. But make sure you got the permission first just in case you got warned later.

2. Online promotion by putting banners/images in your blog,Facebook,Twitter,etc. This online support project is also done by

When? They were unconfirmed news from some fansite that 4jib MV teaser will be released on 4th May, so this project has to be done before that date.

NOTICE: PLEASE READ! By agreeing to join this it also means you're using E.L.F. name in the public. Your action might affect Super Junior image to all Malaysia citizens. So you MUST agree to do the following:
- Ask for the place owner permission before pasting/sticking/distributing the poster/flyers in their place.
- Take care of the environment and don't throw rubbish/posters/flyers freely.
- Show good attitude and manner because you are representing E.L.F. as a whole.
- Paste/stick it in a proper/suitable/appropriate place. Do not paste or stick it near/in/on a trash bin or somewhere that you would find dirty. Love the poster as much as you love Super Junior.

Below are lists of people who would help in sticking up the mini posters in their places according to state name. Take note the printing cost will be paid by yourself, if you choose Black + White printing for A4 paper it would be cheaper. :)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment below if you can help but don't forget to include your name,location,contact num/email/Facebook.
OR SMS me your name,location,contact num/email/Facebook to : 019-8442863 (PLEASE do not call and SMS only for 4Jib purpose).

Kuala Lumpur
Name: Hazriq Ishak & team mate
FB: Hazriq Ishak
Website: link

Name: Sariza Binti Zainol Abidin
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Contact no: 012-2760130
Email/FB: / Sariza 이 수윤

Name: WenYi

Name: Dayana
Email/FB: / Dayana Jaafar
Twitter: dayana861217
Web: link

Name: Atiqah Sedan
Location: Batu Pahat
FB: / atiqah sedan

Name: Fyda
Location: Johor Bahru
FB: Fyda 엘프
MySpace: link
Blog: link

Name: Maziah
Location: Johor Bahru
Email/FB: / Maziah Chan
Blog: link

Name: Eyna
Additional info: first of all.. thanks fyda for the information.. i think i'm gonna distribute the poster at kolej matrikulasi tangkak (once i get there).. SUPER JUNIOR + ELF, FIGHTING!!!!

Name: Izzie

Name: Ainatul Mardhiah bt Daud
Location: Kulim

Name: Nik Nurfatin bt. Md Yaacop
Location: Kota Bharu
Contact no: 019-9047374
Email/FB: Tin
Additional info; Location to distribute posters or flyers: KB mall (mainly CD store) will ask the owner if they can put in the flyers when customer buy their CD and i will stick the poster size A3 at the shop..hope it will help people recognize SUPER JUNIOR!!

Name: Muhammad Azimuddin b Roselan
Location: Kota Bharu
Contact no: 0145169612
Email/FB: / Muhammad Azimuddin Roselan

Name: NawalChan
Email/FB: / NawalChan

Negeri Sembilan


Name: Nur Farhanah Durrar bt. Zainal


Pulau Pinang
Name: Nik Nur Adriana


Name: Iman

Name: Nabihah

Name: Hazriq Ishak & team mate
FB: Hazriq Ishak
Website: link

Name: Nur Atiq bt. Abu Bakar
Location: UniSel Kuala Selangor
Contact no: 013-3106908
Email/FB: / Atiq Abu Bakar
Additional info: location to distribute flyers - i will distribute the flayers in UNISEL KUAlA SELANGOR..i will go to their home/hostel to distribute the flayers..if they don't open the door..i will stick the flayers in front their door house..

Name: Tem Yahya

Name: Nurhasnita Azwa
Location: Ampang
Contact no: 017-6675739
Email/FB: / link

Name: Pinat
Website: link

Name: Syarina

Name: Nurul Wahida
Contact no: 012-7406017

Name: Anis Fariha
Email/FB: / Anis Fariha

Name: Nur Fatin Afiqah Ramli
Location: Shah Alam
FB: Fatin Afiqah

Name: AidenParadise (Della James)
Location: UMS, Sabah
Email/FB: / della james
Additional info: promote at UMS's bus stop.... we have like 13 bus stop here in ums...
in kk town not sure yet..
if i can go to town then i will
but in ums is a yes
"ok we can"

Name: Heekmah
Location: Bintulu
Contact no: 019-8442863