Monday, June 7, 2010

Super Junior Project : Photobook & Malaysian E.L.F. Promise To Wait

ChocoFam have launched a project for the boys! They will make a photobook & a fan-project so they need ELF co-operation!

(Taken from ChocoFam)

☆ - - - Photobook - - - ☆
In this photobook we'll include E.L.F. pictures with their Bonamana album to show them our support for 4Jib. We'll also have a section for E.L.F. pictures, not with their Bonamana album but with official Super Junior stuffs.

For SS2 in Malaysia and Malaysia culture, we also have a section for it. Basically we'll show them pictures from SS2 in Malaysia and also showing them Malaysian culture (food,dance,teh tarik,anything that you can only see in Malaysia), so we really hope there's a lot of contributor for this two sections. We'll credit the photo contributor in the photobook as well.

☆ - - - "Malaysian E.L.F. Promise To Wait" - - - ☆
In this fan-project, we'll make an agreement that we'll wait for Kangin Hankyung Kibum. Originally our plan is for members and non-members to print it, sign it, then mail it to 슈퍼HEE✭ . But it would take a longer time so we think it's better just for you guys to submit your name and we'll write your name on the paper ourself. The agreement then will be send to Super Junior alongside with the photobook.

Other Malaysian Super Junior fansites is also welcomed because we want to show them our support from Malaysian E.L.F.. A topic on the details of this fan-project will be opened soon so stay tune!

Please click this link for more details: