Thursday, May 6, 2010

4Jib order + important notice


The order for 4jib from Aten has been closed. She is now calculating the amount of orders received. After the K-ELF tells her the whole shipping cost and calculate everything, I will post the final price + payment method here. Please note that Aten or me doesn't gain any profit from the 4jib orders.

The final price for 4jib will be calculated this way:
4JIB price + shipping fees from Korea to Malaysia + shipping fees to your house + cost of wrapping/packaging + tax or any other fees that might be charge by the custom = 4JIB final price

Important notice
★ If you have been reposting our entries about 4jib order in your blog/forum/Facebook page and others, please post this entry too, yea? Or just redirect them to this blog. This is important so everything can be arranged tidily, and no misunderstanding will occur.

★ Please do not post link promoting your blog or what you're selling in the shoutbox. ^^;; The shoutbox is mainly for asking questions so I hope you guys will understand. :)

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  1. may i ask,,what will we get with the cd??


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